What Past Patients Say About Me


Cheryl is fantastic. She saw me for a little over a year and expressed the highest level of compassion, empathy and professionalism I could have hoped for. A big difference between her and others with similar professions in the field is that she actively works with people to address the issues at hand and kindly holds you accountable instead of just sitting and listening without offering much feedback. When you have reached a point where you no longer need to see her, she talks to you about it and lets you go off on your own where as others would keep you coming back just for the sake of collecting $$. She is also very knowledgable when it comes to alternative modalities of therapy which is very helpful if someone needs to address whatever issue they are having from multiple angles. I would recommend her to anyone.


I saw Cheryl Schwartz for a couple of years while dealing with challenges related to anxiety. She was incredibly helpful, compassionate and thoughtful. She offered many techniques that I have found to be of great value and I still use today. Our work together ended as a result of me feeling significantly better. I have enthusiastically recommended her to friends and family dealing with their own challenges, all of whom have reported to have had the same beneficial experience as I have.