I have skills in a wide range of treatment strategies so that I can employ the most effective approach to address your situation. In addition to completing two advanced degrees, I have participated in hundreds of hours of ongoing training in therapy.

I utilize a combination of the following therapeutic methods according to your needs:

Mindfulness promotes increased awareness of physical, mental, and emotional conditions in the present moment, without judgment. This creates the ability to pay attention to bodily sensations, cognitions, and feelings, and accept them without influence.

Psychodynamic Therapy promotes insight and resolves conflict by bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness.

Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the assumption that negative emotions disrupt the flow in the body’s energy system. EFT has roots in Chinese medicine and Applied Kinesiology.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy stresses the role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. It’s basis is on the belief that thoughts, rather than people or events, cause our negative feelings.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-centered psychotherapy, blending psychodynamic and cognitive therapy with body awareness and movement. This gently teaches clients to follow the processes of body and mind to promote healing.

Gestalt Therapy helps you see your whole self so that you can view today’s issues in the context of your entire life.